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Dinner by the Minute

Cooking Show
Dinner by the Minute is a local show dedicated to teaching people how to cook simple, healthy and frugal recipes without losing your mind. Learn how to swap out ingredients you don't like, are allergic to or simply find too expensive. You don't need specific ingredients sometimes, just a pinch of fun.
Status: *In Production*

Currently in production

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"Project Echo: The beginning"

Short Film | Webisodes
This is paranormal, sci-fi drama, set in the present day focuses around “Oliver Sung”, a blogger and photojournalist for a local media station who uncovers a dark secret experiment gone wrong. During his research into this story, Oliver faces obstacles from his obnoxious best friend, dictatorial self-righteous boss and a government with a rogue agency that doesn’t want their secret out at any cost, all while, trying to find out the mystery of an unknown being found in the woods.
Status: *Production Development*

Latest Completed Project

Completed - On Air

"Celebrate Canada" : Explore Canada's National Parks

Community Access Documentary
Come and celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary in 2017. Take a peek at two of Canada's unique and majestic national parks; Jasper and Elk Island, located in the province of Alberta. Learn about their history, wildlife and ecological preservation as well as exploring beautiful dark sky preserves, camping and O'Tentiks that visitors can experience in Canada's national parks.
Come, let us Celebrate Canada!

Produced in participation with SHAW TV Edmonton and Parks Canada, Gov of Canada
Status: *Completed - On Air*

Dinner by the Minute

Dinner by the Minute
Local Culinary Show
Cooking for simple, frugal and healthy meal ideas

Seraphina's Goodbye

Seraphina's Goodbye
Feature Film
Coping is only the beginning, but even pain goes so far.

Destiny Series

Destiny Series
Book Series to TV
Short series based on the book series created by Sarah King

Last Soul

Last Soul
Short Film
What would you do if you were the last person left?

Angel Falls

Angel Falls
Made for TV
Angels may walk among us, but they do it alone.

Upcoming Projects

This "geek" and "nerd" style talk show focuses on all things in the world of geeks and nerds. From board games, video games, comics and more.
Tachyon Production & Creative Studios live-streams various online gaming broadcasts about various games with the elite gaming group Myztek. Check out their channel as well
Project Category: Online Gaming
The mix of blood and sport into one online game. Welcome to BloodBowl 2: NATTS. Tachyon Creative & Production Studios is pleased to announce the partnership of streaming and producing content for this league.
What if you are the reincarnation of a long lost Egyptian God or Greek Goddess? Can the mythos of the ancient past really be true? Some secret societies try to hide this from the public.
After discovering her hidden self, can Destiny overcome her next obstacle and mend the fabric of time and space? Or will we all be subject to the tears that bind us.
Destiny finds out that she is the key to a puzzle even she cannot solve. Is her fate tied to the stars or to her own past.
This story takes place years after the initial "Project Echo: The beginning" story line. The world of the paranormal, mystical and techno-magical have crossed into the real world.
As worlds start getting torn apart, only one person has the ability to fix worlds, not just for everyone but also for herself
As more find out about the hidden world of the paranormal, the chosen one will rise to a new level and hopefully restore the balance