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Starting in January of 2018, Sarah King of Tachyon Creative and Productions Studios will be featuring a new line of digital content in the form of stories that can be accessed online through our site.

We will be creating a new base for our works to get out and to share freely with those who love a good story.

Stay tuned for more info as time goes on.

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Beginning 2018, Tachyon will be hosting it's third writers workshop for aspiring novice and new writers to the field of film and television. Our first workshop was a huge success and we thank all participants for coming to learn more about writing for TV and Film. This workshop will start right at the beginning of how to write a screenplay or teleplay and take it to the next steps so that it would be worthy of producing. Our workshop will aim to hone the skills for some who already write in film and television as well as how to properly do character development, story development and understanding of both the artistic and technical components to film and television production. Part of the workshop will be in our online blog, while the other will take place in a classroom setting.

We will also be covering other factors in story development and writing like continuity, production bible preparation, timing, casting and more.


  • Screenwriters Workshop - Introduction to Screenwriting: $150.00 (4 sessions)
  • Screenwriters Workshop - Intermediate: $300.00 (8 sessions)
  • Screenwriters Workshop - Advanced: $200.00 (12 sessions)
  • Technical Writers Workshop: $250.00 (4 classes)
  • Production Basics Course: $200.00 (4 classes)

For more information please feel free to contact us.


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