About Us
Who We Are

Our Mission

At Tachyon, our knack and our passion is to create, collaborate and produce imaginative projects that result in creative solutions. We don't believe in the box, we believe in reinventing the world around the box.

Our Values

We are dedicated to creating your projects into exceptional, compelling productions. We are morally and ethically committed to producing only positive and responsible content for everyone.

Our Solution

We are dreamers, shapers, makers and imagineers. We use our creative and collaborative skills to achieve results whether it be film, television, web or graphic/visual communication.

Why Us?

Tachyon Production Studio specializes in community access productions, web based video productions, creative development, scriptwriting, pre and post production support services, casting, scounting, location support and so much more.

Pre Production

Production Management

Showrunning / Production Mgmt


Post Production

Web Media Development


Tachyon Production Studios also designs and develops websites, pages, web video and video production streaming.


We create customizable Joomla and Wordpress based CMS websites for our more smaller clientelle.


In addition to website design and development, we also take care of social media needs as well.