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Creative Geniuses who love pi and Dr. Pepper
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Strange occurances of laughter and craziness
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Tachyon Production Studios is a multi-discipline production studio specializing in out of the "box" ideas.
"We don't believe in THE BOX, we believe in creative insanity.
Current film and TV projects being developed for community access programs
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Let us help you get your next project off the ground. We provide various pre and post production services
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We periodically post an array of information from critic reviews to the world of creativity.
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What are people saying?

We believe
that the "box" doesn't exist.
90% of our staff are dreamers, shapers, thinkers, and makers, the other 10% make sure we look good.
Ms. King and the team at Tachyon Studios provided some incredible post-production work for some of our productions, as well as pre-production assistance in the development of many more additional projects.
Sarah is one of the most innovative, imaginative and smartest individuals I had the chance to work with. Sarah and Tachyon have no limits to their imagination and creativity.
"Project Echo: Series"
Tachyon Creative & Production Studios, in partnership with River City Media Group, and Darklight Pictures is proud to present the re-launch and in the development project of "Project Echo: The Series". This production has been a long time in the works and will be reshooting with a new director, cast and crew and will be utilizing local talent.

Project Echo is based on a book series, written by Seraphina King, a local Canadian author.

Being shot on location in:
  • Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Jasper National Park, AB, Canada
  • Victoria, B.C., Canada
  • Little Rock, AR, U.S.A.